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Custom form
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Date Created
11/26/2002 12:40:52 AM
Date Updated
4/15/2010 9:57:30 AM
How to create a custom form that we can use for beta-testing?
You may create custom form in a few easy steps.
1. Open “Admin” page.
2. Click "Create custom record entry form" wizard.
3. Select appropriate project and click “next”
4. Specify additional parameters and click “next”
5. Press "Save" button to save the resulted HTML file locally.
6. Modify system-generated HTML code if necessary.
If you need to add a few custom fields, you just need to write a simple HTML script.
We may help you writing this script if you’d like – just send us the list of custom fields you need to add. You may add as many fields as you need, and they will appear in details section under their names.
Custom form may be very different from the default and may be customized any way you’d like.
7. The resulting custom form may be placed on any server (our or yours, for example)
8. You may customize IIS settings and other system settings for this custom form to insure required level of security from the client site.
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